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Acclimatization to a foreign environment

Acclimatization to a foreign environment

Poor adaptation to a changing environment, poor physical and behavioural adjustment, and an increasing yearning for home might potentially result in a significant amount of stress. If this happens, symptoms are often unclear and can differ greatly from situation to situation. It may be advisable to learn how to adapt to new conditions of life abroad and how to settle into an unfamiliar environment.

In most cases, expectations associated with life abroad lead to disappointments. To surround ourselves with the right people requires a high level of awareness of our own values, needs and wants; otherwise our lives will be full of disappointments and disagreements.

Family / Relationships

Family / Relationships

Differences in thinking, attitude and outlook

Having culturally different models of upbringing and education can be a major obstacle in relationships, friendships, and marriages. These different points of view, beliefs, and approaches can translate into conflicts in the relationships. These, in turn, can interfere with the immediate family structure as a whole. It becomes extremely difficult for everyone, then, to exist within those dynamics.

Attachments are complicated structures of emotions which are invisible to us. The most obvious attachments that we form connect us with our loved ones – family and friends. Counselling can help to understand oneself, as well as the complicated structures of our attachments that are so important for living an emotionally healthy life.

Couple’s Counselling

Couple’s Counselling

Happy and harmonious relationship does exist. Differences between partners, their misapprehension and unwillingness to accept them bring disagreements and conflicts into relationships. The key to a successful relationship are communication skills and the ability and willingness to understand the other. There are two sides to every story. To adapt some of our habits and demands, willingness to look at things from both sides, to be able to take responsibility for our behaviour and also the ability to explain our opinions, attitudes and outlooks are the key elements to having a successful relationship.

Primarily, couple’s therapy provides a neutral space in which I can help you to understand each other, understand your partner and yourself on a deeper level, to identify the causes of conflict and suggest ways how to resolve them.


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